About Johanna Downey

Having grown up in Bolton, I’ve been fortunate to witness the changes and developments that have occurred in communities across the Town of Caledon. This has given me insights and knowledge from those who have spent generations in this area as well as the growing number of newcomers making Caledon their home.

After settling down on the west side of Caledon with my husband and four kids (plus 2 dog, 2 cats, and hermit crabs and a horse),my understanding of the character of Caledon has heightened, and love for the rural community blossomed.

I have had the privilege of working with CCS in the past through work related events and Mayfield United Church and I truly believe in the mandate CCS has set for themselves and the betterment of our community.

As an elected official and council representative my investment in my community stems from a combination of rural roots and urban perspective. I believe that commitment to ourselves, our children and our neighbours is the key to strengthening and building the community. I carry this commitment into my role as Regional representative for Ward 2, and on the various committees and boards on which I serve.

“Caledon has much to offer and I am grateful to live, work and raise my family here.  I am excited to bring the west side to CCS and add my voice to the conversation.”

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