About Michael Hoy

I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to serve both the CCS Board and the Caledon community. I bring experience, knowledge, passion and humour to the Board. I’ve lived in Caledon for almost forty years and am married to another lifetime Caledon resident, my wife Erica, who introduced me to CCS and all of its good work.

After graduating from York University with a Masters in Environmental Studies, I’ve worked in environmental roles and currently work as a Senior Environmental Planner for the City of Brampton.

I have a strong commitment to environmental issues and am looking to balance my passion for the environment with my commitment to social justice. CCS is exactly the right fit, “because its commitment to improving the quality of life enjoyed by some of Caledon’s most vulnerable residents”.

In my spare time I am an avid gardener with a weakness for dogs. I have a competitive spirit that emerges during my pursuit of a variety of passions including weekly winter ball hockey and summer slo-pitch softball games.

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