Your support means Kidz in Caledon receive nutritious meals, the chance to participate in recreational activities, back-to-school kits and more. Fuel 400+ BIG dreams for Caledon kids by making a donation today.

Season of Hope

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As the holiday season approaches, and we gather with our loved ones to celebrate, it’s easy to get lost in the warmth of the season. Yet, in the heart of Caledon, hundreds of our neighbours are grappling with fear and uncertainty, unsure of where their next meal will come from or how they can keep their homes warm.


Allison* is a single Mom of two, now shouldering the care of her elderly mother. She works two jobs to make ends meet. Skyrocketing inflation and soaring cost of living have pushed her family to the brink. When she first came to CCS, Allison felt a mix of emotions. She found the courage to share:

“Thank you for allowing me to use the pantry. It was difficult for me to ask for help, and I almost didn’t come in. You were very welcoming and despite my awkwardness it wasn’t so bad. Thanks again.

Over the past year, we saw the HIGHEST number of Caledon neighbours EVER in our history accessing food support. The need in Caledon is great, but we believe our community’s generosity is even greater.

Thanks to our friends at Mars Canada, your gift will have DOUBLE the impact this Season of Hope!**

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Here's what your gift can do for Caledon this season and year-round:

  • $50 - offer one TWO gifts of hope where the need is greatest
  • $150 - give one TWO children new learning opportunities
  • $250 - give a family one TWO months of heat this winter
  • $500 - provide one TWO seniors with accessible transportation for a year
  • $1,000 - feed a family of four for one TWO months

Please make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation, by cheque payable to Caledon Community Services (18 King Street East – Upper Level, Bolton, ON, L7E 1E8), by phone (905 584 2300 ext. 260), online using the button below, to bring hope to our Caledon neighbours in need.

We can't thank you enough for providing hope this season!

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Food/gift cards are accepted at the Exchange, 55 Healey Rd. Bolton. (gift cards denominations of $25 appreciated; cards received by Dec 7th will support holiday distribution) Please call 905-584-2300 ext. 202 for more information.

*An alias and stock photo was used to protect client confidentiality.
**Mars Canada will match all Season of Hope gifts up to $ 25,000

Charitable #129569182 RR0001

Tax receipts provided for gifts of $20 or more.