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Cathy Perennec McLean | Director of Employment and Training

Cathy Perennec Mc Lean gs

Cathy Perennec McLean joined the CCS – Jobs Caledon team in 2006 as an Employment Specialist and Workshop Facilitator and quickly moved into the position of Director, Employment & Development. Cathy believes in helping clients bridge the gap between learning and doing. Her enthusiasm as a coach and trainer stems from 14 years as the owner of a successful consulting company where she facilitated internationally and authored numerous professional development programs.

As a Caledon resident for 15 years, Cathy feels a strong connection and commitment to the important work that CCS does in her community. “Each day I come in contact with residents of Caledon who have been touched in some way by our diverse programs.

Incredible that in a time when we more often hear, “Yes… but”, we are so fortunate to have in our own backyard an agency that says, “Yes and…”.”

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