Come celebrate the impacts we’ve achieved together and look to the future. Caledon East Community Complex (6125 Old Church Rd, Caledon East). Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. See you there! Together we are making Caledon better.

Our Stories Guidelines

In a town like Caledon, ordinary people often find themselves in the middle of extraordinary experiences. CCS has been a companion alongside the journey of so many that have triumphed over adversity, made lifelong friendships, and built brighter futures, making Caledon a place we’re all proud to call home. Our Stories serve as a beacon, offering life lessons, a dose a laughter, a glimmer of hope and showcasing the unwavering resilience of our caring community.

Writing Guidelines to get you started:

  1. Share an uplifting, heartwarming, or funny story that you or someone you know experienced, highlighting the meaningful role CCS played in that journey.
  2. Emotions capture the readers attention! Stir emotion to captivate readers and immerse them in your story.
  3. Embrace vulnerability; writing can be both liberating and reflective. You're welcome to use a pen name if preferred.
  4. Simple is best – don’t stress! Just let your story flow naturally, don’t overthink it.
  5. While there is no strict word limit, try to keep your story within 500 words. Stories may need to be edited for length to fit Our Stories framework.
  6. The readers are people just like you – individuals impacted by CCS and committed to creating a vibrant Caledon. Find inspiration in our mission, vision and values.
  7. Offensive words hurt - choose kindness in every story you share. Let's keep our stories uplifting and respectful.
  8. The most powerful stories are those of love, service, and courage extended to others.

Tips on submitting your story:

  1. We love hearing your stories, and the best way to share them with us is through our website. Need help filling out the form or submitting your work? Reach out to us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  2. Once you hit the submit button, you'll be directed to our Thank You page, confirming your successful submission. Please hang tight after clicking submit.
  3. Your stories are valuable to us. Please understand that while we aim to feature as many stories as possible, we might not be able to publish all of them. Your patience and support are appreciated!!
  4. We don't send notifications if your story hasn’t been selected, we will save a submission for future consideration. Please be patient as the selection of stories takes time - don’t take our silence personally!
  5. We may contact you by phone or email to discuss your story in person to gather more details and learn more about your incredible story.
  6. If your contact information changes after submitting your story, send us an email at email hidden; JavaScript is required, along with your name and updated details. We want to ensure we can stay in touch with you!

Published stories – You’re an author now!

  1. Published stories will appear on the Our Stories page, reaching readers both digitally and in print, typically within 6 months to 2 years after submission. It's important to note we don't offer payment or sell stories. Follow us on social media or by visiting to see if your story gets featured.
  2. Feel the power of sharing! If a story resonates with you, spread the joy among your friends and family. Once your story is published, amplify its impact by sharing it on your social platforms, inspiring others along the way!

Our Stories Topics

If you are looking for real-life inspiration on your story writing journey, take a look at some compelling topics below. These are everyday narratives unfolding at CCS and within our caring Caledon community.

Jobs & Training

  1. From Job Seeker to Industry Leader
  2. Turning Dreams into Careers
  3. Skills Transformation
  4. Empowering Career Change
  5. Building Confidence Through Skill Enhancement
  6. Career Progression
  7. Navigating Career Obstacles and Achieving Goals
  8. Youth Empowerment
  9. Empowering Future Leaders
  10. Fostering Business Growth Through Talent
  11. Cultivating the Dream Team Culture
  12. Resilience and Career Success

Health & Wellness

  1. Empowering Independence
  2. Injury to Recovery
  3. Companionship and Connection
  4. Seniors Helping Seniors
  5. Community Connection Through Wellness
  6. Fostering Friendships
  7. From Crisis to Specialist Care
  8. Specialist Care Close to Home
  9. Lifelong Learning and Fun
  10. Transportation Enabling Freedom

Life & Community

  1. From Isolation to Belonging
  2. A Lifeline for Families
  3. Overcoming Personal Challenges and Healing Through Connection
  4. Filling Tummies and Fueling Dreams
  5. Regaining Stability and Hope
  6. Empowering Families with Resources
  7. Sharing Excess Produce and Harvesting Hope
  8. Sharing Beyond Borders: Cultural Exchange Through Cooking
  9. A Home Away from Home
  10. English Skills Leading the Way for New Opportunities
  11. Building a New Life
  12. Rebuilding Lives After Crisis
  13. Businesses Building Bridges and Changing Lives
  14. Corporate Partnerships: Making a Difference Together.
  15. Food for All: The Generosity of Community Food Donations