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Specialized Transportation Application

Caledon Community Services’ friendly, reliable, door-to-door accessible transportation service is available seven days a week for Caledon seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to drive on their own.

Who is eligible for the transportation program?

  • All Caledon seniors 60+. Persons with a disability 16+.
  • Caledon residents unable to drive because of a short or long-term medical disability or are experiencing mobility issues (Applicants may be asked to provide a physician’s note).
  • People who require dialysis.
  • Transportation needed due to a temporary medical need.
  • TransHelp clients
  • York Region and WheelTrans transfer riders.


    If you reside in Caledon and require a mobility aid to travel such as a wheelchair or walker you must apply to the Region of Peel TransHelp program.

    If you are a senior or someone with a disability that is physically-able to get in and out of a vehicle, please continue with the application for Caledon Community Transportation Services.

    Applicant Information:

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    1234 - 567 - 890 - XX

    Emergency Contact:

    Please note: if you are a Caledon senior you automatically qualify for Transportation but the following additional information is required.

    Additional Information

    Please check all that apply

    If you have chosen any of the boxes above and there is a medical emergency while in travel CCS will respond by calling Emergency Support 911

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    Door to door service: CCS driver will provide support such as an arm to assist client from accessible door of origin to accessible door of Destination.

    To access my transportation account, book rides and obtain my account balance on my behalf. Please note CCS does not pay interest on any balance of monies in client’s transportation account.