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October 2019

Baking Cookies for Change

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Charlotte Chummar, a typical eight-year-old living in Caledon – goes to school, makes plans with her friends, and enjoys a comfortable home surrounded by her loving family. She never had to give much thought to things she needs, like winter boots, warm mittens, or school supplies, and she’s never had to do without. Then one afternoon, when Charlotte’s Dad was opening the mail, a picture of a boy about her age caught her eye - it was a picture of Marco on a letter from Caledon Community Services (CCS).

The letter talked about Kidz in Caledon, outlining the very real hardships some children in Caledon face. Charlotte was startled to realize not every kid was like her. It made Charlotte sad to think that someone in her class might be hungry or unable to participate in things because of their circumstances at home. As she discussed this reality further with her Mom and Dad, she learned more about poverty and homelessness. She decided that she had to do something.

Charlotte wanted to help kids like Marco. She was determined. Her decision? She would raise money by baking cookies. Out came the cookie sheets, the recipe and the baking ingredients, and she and her mom got to work. Charlotte planned to sell them for $.25 for each cookie at her family’s upcoming Halloween gathering. She took responsibility for all of the details, planning and signage-making and inevitably inspired her family along the way. When her cousin Natasha arrived for the party, little did she know she’d quickly get into the spirit of selling cookies too. A quarter a cookie added up quickly, and the enthusiasm multiplied donations. With Mom and Dad rounding out the final total, Charlotte’s fundraiser raised $250 to directly help children in need by purchasing school supplies, healthy meals and snacks. Charlotte felt empowered and realized that even as a kid herself, she could make a difference.

Cookies for change support

Charlotte’s parents watched proudly. Philanthropy was important to them and the idea that local families were struggling came as a surprise. They reflected on how life in the suburbs can get so busy - work, bills, food, sleep and repeat. Children like Charlotte give us a moment to pause and remind us of things we tend to overlook. It’s important to be grateful for what you have and to raise children to show kindness and compassion to others.

Charlotte’s family love living in Caledon and thanks to her initiative, they now feel better connected to the community than ever before. That same year the entire family registered for and took part in a family day at the Exchange. They felt inspired by their daughter’s fundraiser and continue to lead by example, making charity a regular topic of discussion in their home. The entire family is thankful for the work CCS is doing to spread the word and mobilize the community. Charlotte’s cookie fundraiser is a reminder that every little bit helps.

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