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November 2022

Leading the Way with Compassion

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In the middle of a pandemic, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For many who have had programs and volunteer opportunities taken away, it can even feel daunting to find a real purpose in everyday life. With the Health & Wellness program continuing to play a part in the wide range of offerings of Caledon Community Services (CCS), the health team has found that the new ways of connecting with their clients have been a surprisingly impactful experience.

In fact, had it not been for the circumstances of these pandemic times Silvana Ferrari, Coordinator, Seniors Health & Wellness Programs, would not have been able to assist a client who had been in medical distress. Since April, Silvana has been delivering packages that include various activities, meals etc., to program participants every week

Leading the way with compassion support

During her regular weekly client visits, Silvana noticed a difference in one client’s behaviour and immediately sprang into action. Kim Shadlock, Senior Manager, Health Services at CCS, attributes her quick action to Silvana’s previous training and experience as a personal support worker. “Through our other programs and team members, we were able to connect with the client’s family member who was able to meet EMS at the hospital. Silvana’s ability to remain calm despite the situation’s urgency made her most effective. Here is a coordinator, who because of her leadership, care and compassion for her clients, coupled with her previous training, was able to make a real save for someone,” says Kim.

With the client having made a recovery and safe return home, the situation is a reminder of the impact that integrated services can have on the lives of many. While in-person programs and services may not be offered in the same way, the team is just as personal, working together to keep everyone connected.

“We are trying to find the positive every day with COVID-19, and part of this is in our team’s ability to create touch points for people who are isolated and vulnerable,” says Kim. This is a case of the right person, right place, and right time which aligns with CCS’ core purpose. “It shows us that even making these front-line connections through our Health & Wellness programs, or services at the Exchange, or both, it is these connections that can have a powerful impact on those who need it most,” she says.

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