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August 2017

Take a Second Chance at LIFE

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When we think about high school, many reflect on their own experiences. Their favourite classes, extracurriculars, teachers and friendships; but for some, looking back doesn’t bring a rush of positive emotions, but rather memories of feeling lost, misunderstood and unsure about the future. This was the case for Quinlan Hilario, a local high school senior. Quinlan was struggling academically. Some classmates excelled and moved on, while Quinlan was experiencing an inner dilemma about what to do next. His dad Arthur, was worried and felt helpless - he felt as though his teachers had already given up on his son, and that Quinlan had given up on himself too. Every parent wants their kids to be happy, successful and overall good human beings. A step towards that is education - but traditional schooling wasn’t for Quinlan.

Quinlan needed guidance. Not someone to help him get through school, but to be shown another way entirely. When his father discovered the LIFE for Youth program offered through Caledon Community Services (CCS), he introduced Quinlan to the idea. They both felt cautiously hopeful for the first time in years. He applied immediately with the dream that he could start focusing on what was working in his life, instead of what wasn’t. The program would allow him to earn a wage while building the foundation to land his dream job, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Quinlan was accepted into the program and with the counsel of Mary Falcone, Youth Programs Manager, he experienced immense personal and professional growth by the time he graduated. He did a lot of reflection and decided to nurture his curiosity and natural aptitude for woodworking. Quinlan chose to enter into the skilled trades and took on a role as a carpenter’s apprentice at Avenue Building Corporation located in Bolton. His supervisor, Dan Appio was happy to mentor an eager to learn student. Quinlan left a mark on Dan ”It’s important to show the kids that there is still chance out there,” a lesson that has stayed with Avenue Building Corporation.

As his passion for carpentry grew, he returned to complete his high school diploma – and this time, he did it with a renewed drive and purpose. His friends and family noticed a change in his confidence and are proud to see him thriving, independent and motivated. Quinlan believes the program can help show other young people who may have given up that they have many paths to choose from - and that Caledon Community Services is a great place to start.

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