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Cultivator Medal

December 2022

Building a Community Legacy

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When searching for a location for their startup, Silcotech, Isolde Boettger and her husband Michael were drawn by Caledon’s high quality of family life, central location and easy access to the global markets. It’s a choice that’s paid off, with Caledon since becoming known as the logistics headquarters of Canada.

Since renting two units on McEwan Road in 1998, and then constructing a building to house operations, Silcotech has been one of Caledon’s most esteemed businesses – one with a global reach. “In 2001, we announced we would build our own building and settle in Bolton, as we wanted to be part of this community for the long run,” Isolde said. Beyond contributing to their business success, the community has made a tremendous impact on them.

One of the first people to come through their doors, Michael recalls, was Dan R., a Job Developer with Caledon Community Services (CCS). His welcoming presence was a sign of good things to come; through him, Silcotech brought on their first three employees, one of whom is still with them as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Connections to CCS soon emerged that stretched beyond their business operations; Isolde’s son Raphael received tutoring through CCS, several Silcotech employees enrolled in the organization’s English classes, and her mother Marianne used CCS’s transportation service to get around.

Isolde speaks of her mother’s inspiring example of giving back to the community. “Musically she was always engaged with the community. Volunteering was a big part of her life, and she always gave back locally.” Marianne a music teacher, was famous for having brought students into senior homes to perform concerts.

When CCS launched the Velocity fundraising ride event in 2018, Isolde signed up to ride and raise funds for seniors in honour of her mom.


That same community spirit has extended into the company’s operations as well. Since year one, Silcotech has given back through an annual holiday raffle and food drive. The company matches all funds raised in the final holiday donation to CCS, and with the ongoing generosity of their suppliers, the fundraising effort has grown tenfold since it first kicked off.

Though it would have been easier to stop both during COVID, Isolde’s son Raphael was determined to keep employee morale high by keeping the raffle going. He explained, “People look forward to the raffle; it has become part of our culture. Knowing that money goes to CCS makes people feel good because it does so much for so many. It’s become tradition and something we didn’t want to take away from our employees.”

CCS’s goals align well with the company’s mission to create an environment where people can grow and prosper. “CCS provides jobs and helps people keep the heat on when they can’t pay their bills. Not only do they provide people with food, but they also show them how to create meals on a budget. These types of things are invaluable to people and that’s why we chose CCS as our main charity.” says Isolde.

Silcotech is a true cultivator, one that is all about building people up and helping them reach their potential, just as they see CCS doing.

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