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December 2023

Life Changing Journeys

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Popular wisdom tells us to enjoy the journey as much as we focus on our destination. It’s something Carmel Hili knows a thing or two about. During his decades-long work with CCS, he’s ferried countless individuals to their literal destinations, while at the same time witnessing the agency carry them to their destinations in life.

Carmel Hili moved to Canada from Malta in early adulthood with the goal of studying to become a priest. Instead, he put his years of study to use as an advocate for social justice. It was a journey that took him across the Atlantic Ocean, through the bustling streets of Toronto, down Caledon’s windy roads, and up the hill to Caledon Community Services.

Carmel’s trailblazing work with a Toronto non-profit focused on homelessness, food programs, job training, and social housing helped him develop a life mantra of “helping other help themselves.” In fact, he took to Toronto’s city streets in the 70’s and 80’s to do just that; digging in his heels to prevent the building of luxury high-rises on the site of rooming houses that sheltered those who could afford little else. At the time, the existence of social housing programs were next to none. By the time Carmel brought his passion for social justice to Caledon in 1984, he had helped to contribute to the growth of those programs.

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Carmel combined his skill with CCS’s mission of “a healthy, engaged, compassionate community for all,” and drew on his community advocacy experience to support research into affordable housing in Caledon in the mid-80’s. That work helped to challenge a common misconception that poverty was nonexistent in the community at the time.

Noting the importance of affordable transportation to the overall health of a community, especially one as geographically diverse as Caledon, Carmel took a special interest in CCS’s transportation service; for over 10 years, he volunteered as a driver. This gave him the opportunity to chat with neighbours and meet scores of new people. He heard their stories of triumph and loss, all while witnessing the program make a difference in their lives.

Families enjoyed meals at their tables because volunteer drivers like Carmel ensured they could access the food support program at The Exchange. Youth found their way into jobs because they were driven to training and skill-building classes and newcomers settled in and learned English more quickly because they were transported to and from their language classes. Countless seniors have managed to maintain their independence and remain socially active by relying on volunteer drivers like Carmel.

Carmel’s deep enthusiasm for CCS springs from his belief in the life-changing power of the organization and everything they do to support “health and well-being for all.”

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