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Monty Laskin | CEO

Monty Laskin gs

Working within Caledon, and within Caledon Community Services, has been a joyous ride since 2006. I’ve been privileged to work in leadership capacities in child welfare, children’s mental health, the corporate sector and within the provincial government.

My heart lies in community.

Arriving in CCS daily is always the same experience: Another day filled with opportunities to build community with tremendous partners: Colleagues, volunteers, community champions, donors and more.

There’s always an innovative project to launch and a challenge to address, Such is the way in this community where great things happen when people with a shared vision come together.

The Caledon community constantly demonstrates that it is the perfect place for this to happen. For me, it’s all about innovation through collaboration. We try to understand the challenges in our community by listening to peoples’ experiences and mobilizing the right people to make good things happen.

Drop-in on me, I love the company.

Monty Ralph and nephews Monty